What I learned about reading in the month of October

Don’t rush it…if you are not in the mood to read…don’t read. (this is so true if you are following an ARC schedule)

If you want to read…read for Joy.

Don’t let FOMO rule your life…it is real, but sometimes you miss reading what you want because of it.

Don’t get hung up on what genre a book is marketed as…if it sounds like you will like it…try it.

Embrace unexpected books that bring a new perspective….even if you didn’t love them. Did they help you look at something different? That’s a win!

Narrators can make or break an audio novel.

Use your local library…they need love too.

Don’t judge someone else’s reading choices…you don’t walk in their shoes.

Read how you want. Kindle, Book of the Month, library, ARC’s and audio. The photograph should not be the end game 😱.

Have fun with your reading life…it shouldn’t feel like a job (unless it is your job…in that case…disregard my thoughts 😂).

Hey November, I’m ready for ya girl 🤗.

Just to let you know…I will post all my reviews right here….so follow along with me!

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