American Royals by Katharine McGee

Publisher: Random House for Young Readers

Release Date: Out Now

Genre:  Young Adult

Rating:  🌟🌟🌟🌟


Let’s review American Royals by @katharinemcgee and talk about genre marketing…shall we?
Ok y’all. Hallelujah and praise the Lort….I read a book this weekend. I had put a hold on American Royals a while back and 🙌🏻…it came in Friday afternoon. I sat down and devoured this novel.
Now as some of you know…I’m looking at you Amy @lifewiththe_williams . I am a smidge obsessed with the Royals. Obsessed to the point that I had Princess Di and Prince Charles wedding dolls as a child. Still have them as a matter of fact 😂 👑 👰🏻. This book was perfect for my obsession. What if America had Royals? What if George Washington was King? Ummmm, yes please!
This novel was told in four perspectives and was seamlessly executed. The best part of the whole novel…finding out its the first in the series. I will absolutely be in line for the next installment in Fall 2020.
Now, let’s talk about the book…

There was some romance focus. I would not categorize the novel as a romance novel. It’s comparable to family drama 🤷🏻‍♀️. Make no mistake…it’s high drama. But I really enjoy drama…so it worked well for me.

The characters tho…they were my favorite. I loved them all. They worked well together. They were a family. A Royal family…but a family none the less ❤️◻️🔷. Mix all that together and a delightful novel was born 🤗.

I do want to talk about marketing for a minute. Luckily, I didn’t pass this one by…but I easily could have due to that YA sticker on the spine. YA does not work for me as a whole…except in extreme cases. This novel was tagged as YA…however. All the characters were over 18…Beatrice was actually out of college and in her early 20’s. What would you call that genre? Contemporary Adult? Early Adult? I don’t think young adult works in this particular case. Lemme know your thoughts…curious minds want to know.
In the meantime, I’m ending this with 4 🌟’s and highly recommend this one if the Royals are your thang.

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