🎼Looks like we made it🎼

Anyone  else singing that song in their head now?  No, just me 😂?

It has been a week.  I needed to share what pulled me through this week!

•74 degrees on Thursday at 3:00 pm…no explanation needed.

•Met up with a #bookstagram friend for book store browsing and iced coffee ♥️.

•Skinnygirl popcorn Lime & Salt flavor.  This popcorn is giving me life.  100 caleries a bag and I’m a happy girl.  No more Hangry Amy 🤗

•#currentlylistening to The Grace Year (thank you MacMillian Audio for my #free copy).  I read The Grace Year by Kim Liggett a few months ago and adored it.  Turns out…I might like the audio even better than the written copy.  Either way…it’s fantastic.  Put it on your TBR for October 8th.

•My toes are surrounded by leaves…Fall is in on Monday and I’m looking forward to some cozy days spent reading.


What did you love this week?


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