Y’all…I got to meet Katherine Center author of Things You Save in a Fire (and many more).


She was delightful.  Maybe I’m not being clear…DELIGHTFUL.  She had several points she brought up in conversation and the one I walked away with….the one that spoke to me the most was this…

READ FOR JOY (she didn’t scream…but I feel like I should).  The conversation started with the 50 page rule.  Read fifty pages.  If a book is not bringing you joy…put it down.  Listen, I already am a serial do not finisher.  But I felt validated for an author to tell me this.  Her job is to write books…of course we should listen to her!

I want you to be aware of a couple things and then we will get to my 5 Star review of Things You Save in a Fire.

I have heard amazing things about her Happiness for Beginners…I’m really going to try to read it this year.

The Lost Husband is going to be released as a movie next year.  Two words…ok, four words.  Josh Duhamel is starring!

It was such a fun event…

Thank you to the High Point Public Library and Bookmarks of Winston Salem for sponsoring it :-).

Alright, let’s get to this review shall we?  Let me know if you read it…or any recs for “similar to” Katherine Center would be greatly appreciated.


“It’s not the easy moments who define who we are. It’s the hard ones.”
Katherine Center

I’m going to start off the bat with…this will be one of my favorites this year. Katherine Center is a favorite, this one, is my new favorite of hers.
Do you want to know what I enjoyed?

Cassie, I loved her representation of a woman in a man’s field of firefighting.

The underlying theme of forgiveness. It’s a lesson I needed and will continue to need ♥️.

The Rookie. We need to see that there are genuinely good men out in the world.

The lovely town and I adored the house.

The fact that Center breaks my heart…but always manages to put it back together.

This was a trick question, I loved it all. I really, really did.

This novel is absolutely why I love women’s fiction. Simply put. It makes me happy.

Read it. Enjoy it. Thank me later 😘.

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